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This Database is part of the Grundtvig Learning Partnership - Learning for Climate Action supported by the European Commission. Learning for Climate Action brings together four organisation with aim to exchange the best practice and knowledge in relation to the problem of climate change, questions of effective policies and protection of environment within European Union.

Focus, društvo za sonaraven razvoj
Focus Association for Sustainable Development is an independent, non-governmental, apolitical and non-profit environmental organisation. The mission of Focus is to stimulate solutions for environmentally and socially responsible life through education, awareness raising and co-shaping policies in the field of climate change. We focus our work on the issues of climate, energy, mobility, global responsibility and consumption.




Amigos de la Tierra España
Amigos de la Tierra España has over 30 years experience of environmental work in Spain.It is a statewide environmental organization that pays special attention to issues such as climate change and energy, agriculture and food, waste and development cooperation and uses education, advocacy, nonviolent direct action, lobbying and the promotion of research as a vehicle for achieving its goals. It is also part of Friends of the Earth International, the largest grassroots environmental federation in the world with 55,000 local groups in all continents.



Umweltschutzorganisation Global 2000/Friends of the Earth Austria
GLOBAL 2000 (Friends of the Earth Austria) is an independent Austrian environmental organization. Since 1982, GLOBAL 2000 has been working on controversial social themes to uncover potential hazards for humans and the environment. GLOBAL 2000 closely monitors the development of environmental policy in Austria and is committed to ecological fairness and a future worth living both locally and around the globe. Helping victims of ecological disasters is part of our work.



Justice and Environment (J&E) is a European Network of Environmental Law Organisations, working in Europe and consisting of organisations from different countries dealing with environmental law solely or as one of their activities. J&E aims for better legislation and implementation of environmental law on the national and European Union (EU) stage to protect the environment, people and nature. J&E does this by enhancing the enforcement of EU legislation through the use of European law and exchange of information on the national, cross-border and wider European level. All J&E activities are based on the expertise, knowledge and experience of its member organisations. The members contribute their legal know-how and are instrumental in the initiation, design and implementation of the J&E work programme.