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The Environmental Law Service (Ekologický právní servis- www.eps.cz) is a non-governmental, non-profit, and non-political public interest law organization.

The ELS vision is that of a free society that enables everybody to aspire to personal happiness while being aware of their responsibility for public matters, including the state of the Earth. Primarily by legal tools, we advocate that current as well as future generations live in such a society.

Favorable environment and human rights:
The ELS lawyers contribute to the protection of human rights, especially by legal steps. Among them is the right that a favorable environment has an irreplaceable position, closely connected to the rights to life. Therefore, ELS emphasizes its defense of those rights because, by the gradual destruction of the Earth, the principles of environment rights are threatened.

Democratic and legal state:
ELS supports the participation of the public in decisions as a guarantee that, in the 21st century, democracy will actually represent government by and for the people. However, democracy must be based on the rule of law and equality of all before the law, regardless of differing political and economical power. Therefore, we advocate law and the transparency of state power, its independence in particular interests and especially responsibility by the most powerful economic participants (corporations) for the consequences of their actions.

Civic society:
Civic society is an important and unavoidable contributor to modern democracy. It ensures supervision of the enforcement of power by those responsible for the consequences of political and official decisions, and assists in a plurality of opinion, which is a condition for sensibly solving social issues. Therefore, ELS supports, mainly by legal tools, those who seek to protect their rights as well as the overall public interest.